Champagne Waris et Filles Brut Premices Grand Cru
Wine Type:
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Chardonnay,  Pinot Noir,  Pinot Blanc
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Champagne, France
Champagne Waris et Filles Premices Brut Grand Cru是手工釀酒師精湛工藝和奉獻精神的見證。這款卓越的香檳經過精細而漸進的氣動壓榨,然後在不銹鋼罐中進行酒精發酵。神奇的過程在酒莊著名的白堊地窖中繼續,香檳在瓶中進行二次發酵,孕育出獨特的個性。

Premices Brut Grand Cru以其美麗的淺檸檬黃色吸引著你,暗示著即將到來的優雅和細膩。在鼻息中,細膩而複雜的香氣揭示了百香果和荔枝的異國情調,微妙地疊加在輕煙背景之上。芳香特性令人著迷而誘人,展現了對著名的Grand Cru葡萄園中葡萄的精心挑選。


Champagne Waris et Filles Premices Brut Grand Cru實現了和諧的平衡。不含山梨酸,確保了這款卓越香檳真實完整地表達風土,讓Grand Cru葡萄園的真正精髓得以展現。

Champagne Waris et Filles Premices Brut Grand Cru is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and dedication of artisan winemakers. This exceptional cuvée undergoes a delicate and progressive pneumatic pressing, followed by alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The magic unfolds during the second fermentation in the bottle, taking place in the house's renowned chalk cellars, where the champagne develops its distinctive character.

The Premices Brut Grand Cru captivates with its beautiful pale lemon-yellow color, hinting at the elegance and finesse that await. On the nose, a fine and complex bouquet unveils exotic notes of passionfruit and lychee, delicately layered upon a subtle smoky background. The aromatic profile is intriguing and inviting, showcasing the meticulous selection of grapes from the prestigious Grand Cru vineyards.

On the palate, this champagne delivers fine and regular bubbles, creating a delightful effervescence that dances on the tongue. Delicate citrus notes, reminiscent of candied lemon peel, emerge, offering a perfect balance between freshness and sweetness. The flavors are precise and focused, highlighting the purity and quality of the terroir.

Champagne Waris et Filles Premices Brut Grand Cru achieves a harmonious equilibrium. The absence of sorbic acid ensures the authenticity and integrity of this exceptional champagne, allowing the true essence of the Grand Cru vineyards to shine through.
Over the generations, our estate has grown in tandem with the appellation and our own expertise. Nature has done her work well! It all began in Avize on the Côte des Blancs with our great-grandfather Vincent Waris, and then in the region of Coteaux du Sézannais and Aube.
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