Chateau Simard
Wine Type:
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100% Bordeaux Blend Red
Region, Subregion, Country:
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Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France
Alcohol Level:
Brilliant ruby color with some brick notes. The nose has hints of berries, violets and earth. In the mouth, flavors of cassis, black cherry and plum expand within a good, round structure.
Chateau Simard
The vineyards purchased by the owner of Ausone are targeted at the exclusive wineries of Saint-Émilion. The terroir conditions are similar to the Château Pavie and Château La Gaffelière of the Saint-Émilion Grand Chateau. When talking about Château Simard, we also had to mention Château Haut-Simard. They have the same origin and destiny. At first, in 1870, this large piece was originally owned by Count Simard, and later a railway was divided into two vineyards from the middle. Therefore, Château Simard and Château Haut-Simard were born. For most wineries, especially Bordeaux, there are very few wineries that will be listed for 8 or 10 years, because it involves storage space and funding issues, and is incompatible with the pre-sale system of Bordeaux. But Château Simard in Saint-Émilion has been around for a long time. Most of the wineries sell their own wines, only sell one year each year, and they are only 10 years old. This is the unique style of Château Simard's previous owner, Claude 'Coco' Mazière. In 1954, after becoming the owner of these two plots, Claude MAZIERE was not interested in the classification system of Saint-Émilion. He did not care whether there was a Grand Cru Classes on the label. Only one secretary was asked to assist in the administrative affairs. Other things are personally involved. So Ch. Simard turned into a wine that only runs in the market in old years. It rarely appears in the eyes of Bordeaux buyers. Only players can buy the typical right bank of the "new year of the new listing", 70% Merlot, 30%. Cabernet Franco, the fresh fruity or barrel flavor is not the director of this village, the aroma and truffle smell of the land on the right bank of Bordeaux is the alcoholic. A wine that has always been supple, with tannins and delicate acidity. This grape field is located in the outskirts of Saint-Emilion and is surrounded by super-class wineries. Characteristics such as limestone, sandstone, and small gravel force the vines to grow as far as possible in the soil to seek deep water, making the grape flavor more complex and hierarchical.
Fresh & Floral
Dominant Flavour:
Black Fruit
Tropical Fruit
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