"Diamonds in the Rough"" Chateau Montrose Vertical Tasting"
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15 Mar (Fri),  7 pm-9 pm
MyiCellar Showroom
Room 907, 9/F, Westlands Centre, 20 Westlands Road
$1080 (General Admission)
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「根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。」“Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.” 


From 1815 to 2006

The history of Montrose, written in two centuries by three families of owners, is depositary of their spirit, marked by their quest of excellence and legendary vintages. Pioneers in the Médoc, visionary builders and wise

managers, all these families knew how to work and valorise this unique terroir. The estate owes them the foundation on which Montrose builds its image today and its unique place in the world of exceptional wines.

從 1815 年到 2006 年

Montrose 酒莊的歷史由三個莊主家族用兩個世紀的時間書寫而成,是他們追求卓越、釀造傳奇佳釀的精神寄托。Médoc 地區的先驅者、有遠見的建設者和睿智的管理者

這些家族都深諳如何利用並珍視這片獨特的風土。他們為酒莊打下了堅實的基礎,也正是在這些基礎上,Montrose 酒莊才得以樹立起今天的形象,並在世界頂級葡萄酒界占據了一席之地。




Succeeding three generations of the Charmolüe family, Martin and Olivier Bouygues acquired Château Montrose in 2006. They loved its wines, to which they had been introduced by their father, Francis Bouygues. Aware of the potential of its unique terroir, they appreciated the advantages and riches of the estate and decided to invest in it. Under their impetus, Montrose entered the 21st century with a spectacular reconstruction.

The exceptional project took seven years, from 2007 to 2013, a timespan justified by the wish to respect the estate’s cycle of activity. The 10,000-m² renovation met four major challenges set by Martin and Olivier Bouygues:

– To give Château Montrose the finest vinegrowing and winemaking facilities, including a new 1,000-m², 11-metre-high main barrel hall where the premium wine can mature in ideal conditions,

– To identify and take advantage of every opportunity to save and produce energy, especially through a geothermal system and 3,000 m² of rooftop solar panels,

– To respect the environment and significantly reduce the estate’s carbon footprint.

– To preserve the overall architecture of Château Montrose in the typical 18th century Bordeaux style.

Following on from their predecessors, Martin and Olivier Bouygues aim to further enhance this unique terroir, a single sweep in an ideal location on the banks of the Gironde estuary.

Under the direction of Melissa Bouygues and managed by Hervé Berland, the estate benefits from a combination of youth and experience in a multi-generational team in which vinegrowers and winemakers rub shoulders with technical specialists and academic experts.

2006 年,馬丁和奧利維爾-布依格繼承了 Charmolüe 家族三代人的事業,收購了 Château Montrose。他們非常喜歡父親弗朗西斯-布依格(Francis Bouygues)介紹給他們的葡萄酒。他們意識到了酒莊獨特風土的潛力,看中了酒莊的優勢和財富,決定對其進行投資。在他們的推動下,Montrose 進入了 21 世紀,進行了大規模的重建。

從 2007 年到 2013 年,這項非同尋常的工程歷時七年。占地 10,000 平方米的翻新工程要應對馬丁-布依格(Martin Bouygues)和奧利維耶-布依格(Olivier Bouygues)提出的四大挑戰:

- 為 Montrose 酒莊提供最好的葡萄種植和釀酒設施,包括新建一個占地 1000 平方米、高 11 米的主酒桶車間,讓優質葡萄酒在理想的條件下成熟、

- 發現並利用一切機會節約和生產能源,特別是通過地熱系統和 3 000 平方米的屋頂太陽能電池板。

- 尊重環境,大幅減少莊園的碳足跡。

- 保護 Montrose 城堡的整體建築風格,保留 18 世紀典型的波爾多風格。


在梅麗莎-布依格(Melissa Bouygues)的領導和埃爾韋-貝蘭德(Hervé Berland)的管理下,酒莊得益於年輕與經驗的結合。



日期 Date :3月15日 (星期五)

時間 Time :19:00 – 21:00

地點 VenueMyiCellar Showroom

地址 Address :鰂魚涌華蘭中心907室

酒單 Wine List 

2020 Montrose, RP100

2016 Montrose, RP99+

2016 Montrose La Dame de Montrose, RP92

2013 Montrose, RP89

2009 Montrose, RP100 

講師 Speaker:Micky Lo, Wine Educator & WSET Diploma Candidate

語言 Language :廣東話 Cantonese

門票 Ticket:HK$1080

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